Is Cougar Life A Scam?

by on September 13, 2010

cougars1 Is Cougar Life A Scam?Cougar life is NOT a Scam, its a site that caters to older women looking for younger men. These older women (referred to as cougars)  and the younger men (aka cubs) can be single or married. The main premise is looking for an encounter or relationship with a big age gap.  Will this Cougar Life review be enough to sway you? Or is this one big Cougar Life scam ?


From a woman’s point of view, we all know older women are in their sexual prime.  Now, if you are a married woman, chances are your sex life at this point is no longer as exciting as it use to be. For the single older woman, dating men your age becomes the tired same old thing.  Either way, by being with a younger man (whether for a night or a relationship), you get to experience that simple fun that a younger man brings.

From a man’s point of view, it’s a combination of pure sexuality and fantasy fulfilled. As a boy, at a some point in your life, you have a crush on an older woman. I won’t get all psychological on you, but the bottom line is, lusting after a sexual older woman provides an experience unlike no other.

What’s fascinating to me is the evolution of these older women. There are women in their late 30s, 40, and 50s that look damn hot right? Isn’t it something,? I mean if you looked at a 40 year old woman in the past generation, a very small percentage would be considered hot. Now, there are some gems out there. You can see why shows like Desperate Housewives is liked by so many. It speaks to the underlying truth for these “cougars” and cubs, this once forbidden sexual desire is making its way to the forefront of our minds.

 Is Cougar Life A Scam?

As for, they are offering the opportunity now to join for free. Every dating site allows you to join for free, but what makes this different is that they will allow you to email members for free! The catch is you’ll need to upload a photo to contact a cougar or a cub. Not sure if you call this a Cougar Life scam, but it provides you the opportunity to try before buying. Ultimately, you’ll have to buy to get the real relationship, this is of course if you’re serious about wanting to live the cougar lifestyle!

In my opinion, this is absolutely the best way to try this site out. You never know, can change your social life in days!

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